Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It figures...

I am becoming very difficult to be around of late. I have balance and this isn’t enough. I know what’s right and wrong but still, does this matter? What does the depth have that I haven’t seen or better still the sky above that I can’t see? Where I live is called no point of return which means looking back is not an option. The problem I face is that I am neither falling nor standing, nor running or walking, in peace and not in peace.
I spoke to my cousin yesterday and all he had to say was wait. Yes, wait! On what? I may ask as if I hadn’t thought about this myself! What would you expect from someone with a name like Patience! I decided to speak to his mum about it, my lovely aunt and she said be brave, don’t give up, it would all work out. That’ll be the last time I call Aunt Courage she offers nothing new!
My next thought was blabbing my mouth off to a friend. We had known each other for years. In class she was the teachers pet. Every time the teacher needed to set an example he would always turn to her. In any event I began complaining as one does,
‘Freedom, what is the matter with me? I don’t seem to be able to live with myself. I know everything but this is not enough,’ I said.
‘Do you remember our time as kids and what the teacher said?’ She asked.
‘What? I forget please humor me.’
‘Nothing works in isolation of another we all need him to exist.’
‘What and who?’
‘Aha, it figures.’ So this was where I was going wrong! And here’s me thinking that I knew it all, I always knew there was something missing. It does go to show that I can’t live in isolation. Oh, and just for the record, folks here call me Wisdom.

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