Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Is this the life of the truth within us?

All the cheers on the ground could have been heard for many years to come as the voices echoed and the cries rang for hours on end. I hid behind the trees watching and savoring the moment when I would release myself from captivity and follow the sounds. No one could hear me, I was invisible but my heart pounded uncontrollably. I leapt out from behind the palm tree dashing underneath a nearby grove and stopped. I was out of breath. This had been my existence for countless days. If it wasn’t a grove or tree then it was an old forgotten barn or a shack by the river. I even crept once into the tent of a vagrant. He howled and spat at me. That night had been a long one trekking through the dark, killing the miles and hoping for day break. I had seen the street lamps come on at night and watched their brightness disappear in daylight. I was the ghost of the dark waltzing through the midnight silence, hounding each pavement endlessly while others slept.

Now it was again day break and I was hiding with still no thought of sleep. I missed my home, my life and prayed for a new one. I was a guest in other homes, the stranger that was stared at, then laughed at and finally loved. I was the stranger that needed to be part of others, belong to them and make my name. I was not the only one in these places as others like me where present with different intentions. They boasted a presence that left mine wanting. I couldn’t compete because of the rules. I had to play fair or else I would be disqualified. When ever I dared speak I was immediately silenced. In those times I walked out of the room in a storm, retreated in silence to the back of the house. Finally in the confines of the shed I screamed my lungs out and looked to the skies. I would hear my voice echo through realms of eternity. Then I would hear me comeback again to me. My own cries were still mine as there was no one out there but me. I had reached places that men were not welcome. I had reached places that served a greater purpose. Alas! I knew this and knew who I served.

I climbed out of the shed and stormed the house pulling down walls and knocking down dishes. Badgering my way again into the room as grown men screamed and ran for help. Others rent their clothes and threw themselves on the floor. Then there were tears as they realized my presence. I was no more the shadow in disguise. I had made my purpose felt within them and conquered all obstacles to belong. Alas! I was back in my place and close to their hearts. I was the truth in men and served my purpose. It had taken a while but I had come to be. I shall dwell in Jerusalem and it shall be called a city of truth…

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