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My Sidewinder: D-Day of Evil

We had just left work on a sunny afternoon and a close friend of mine offered to give me a ride home. We chatted comfortably as we left the office discussing the events at work as one normally does. At this time of my life I would say I was aware of the spiritual world but did not have enough self esteem to fully appreciate it. I easily became a victim of boastful declarations, sarcasm and many other esoteric characteristics. Read more here.

Understanding Good and Bad Spirits

In the bible we are taught to “prove all things”, evaluate every situation and tests things to understand what is good and what is evil. This message is an anchor of assurance in a world whose natural geography is a mystery to us all.
In the past you thought like children of bondage and now you should think like the sons of God. I have taught you the word of the Lord and now that you know it you again return to your beliefs of old and start observing days, months and years like the children of bondage!” Read more here.

Tongue tied and breathing: the choir boy
 The mornings where I live are not much to shout about but there are those few that often catch one off guard and this was one of those for me. It felt as though there was a ferocious storm in my room. Anyone would have thought I had been caught in a wind tunnel at the rate at which this one was blowing in my face. Read more here.

Grey Matter: Putting Science into Art 
According to my GCSE results in high school it would be obvious to anyone that I favoured science over art. However what I discovered very early on in my life was while art was something that I could feel and understand, science was something that gave me a challenge. In other words I used art to relax my brain and science to sharpen it. I could not do without either of them for they both made my life interesting. Read more here.

By the time I was twenty six I had already begun to feel some of the uncanny influences that come with society. I remember one day in particular being bugged down in the car park of a twenty floor storey building struggling to change a punctured tire on my car. The job seemed to take longer than normal because I couldn’t get the feeling of frustration and anger out of my head at a discussion I had the night before with my father. Read more here.

Spiritual Weather Report
There is no wrong or right in the spiritual world. There is no perfect time for anything to occur. In today’s world we live by the law of man, this law dictates to us what is right and wrong, it gives us vision and we
base our existence on it. This is the law that judges man and gives meaning to man’s life. In the spiritual world there is no law of this nature to abide by, so man cannot be judged by it. Read more here.