Leslie Musoko is the author of the spiritual novels, Divinity Dawns and Eli. He is also an expert author on Ezine Articles having published more than a hundred articles on self improvement and relationships. His television debut came in 2007 as a speaker/panelist on CSPAN television in New York on the show ‘writing from an international perspective’. During this time he simultaneously attained success in the Telecommunications Industry over a 17 year career span rising to the position of Head of Optics for Thrupoint in Saudi Arabia in 2007.

Leslie’s Youth
Born in London in 1970, he grew up as a teenager in the West Coast of Africa, Cameroon. When he wasn’t partaking in the local community center improving his skills in football he spent most of his time savoring an interest for books. At the risk of being scolded by his mum he snuck candles into his room after dark to plow through story after story of his favorite books. In the small town of Limbe, drenched in the cervix of the continent, he soon became a regular customer of the only book shop in town. Whether it was during torrential downpours or shimmering heat filled days Leslie Musoko would lose himself in the airy corridors of the bookshop perusing through page after page and living life through the eyes of his heroes. It was during these hours that a dream was born to see the day that would put his name behind one of these countless tales of adventure.

In October of 1989 he returned to England with a strong desire to fulfill this dream. He chose science over art as he realized that his dream was a personal leisure that did not need the complications of a regular job. He believed that with the right education and a rewarding career it won’t be long before he could sponsor a dream life of writing. After overcoming the mishaps of a postal strike that mired a path into a university of his choice Leslie Musoko eventually settled for a place in Manchester Metropolitan University. Time flew through fun filled years using his vacations wisely to travel across Europe and start building the memories that would lead him to eventually write. After holding down many part time jobs, some of them including the responsibility of managing the fries section in McDonalds he graduated with a BEng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1992.

Leslie in employment
Hard times followed immediately after this, which saw Leslie Musoko begin to realize that success in life could only be measured by his faith in God. Digging his heels in this faith through a tortuous year of solely relying upon a benefits cheque from the bureau of unemployment he landed his first real engineering role in 1993 with WS Atkins Consultants. By 1995 he was amongst the first consultants to lead a consortium of high ranking officials through the Channel tunnel that links main land Europe bordering France and England. This experience prompted him to change companies with a desire to manage projects and steer the ship of a rapidly developing telecommunications market. He became a bid manager in 1997, placing proposals for advanced Transport Telematics Schemes before the European Commission in a bid to raise funds for a consortium of companies from five European countries that included England, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Company relocation and reorganization saw Leslie decide it was time to rethink his career.

In 1998 he began to feel the qualms of an engineer with a desire to complement his engineering background with that of sales. Leslie Musoko’s next roles in the telecommunications industry saw him work in Sweden, Spain, France, Holland, Italy and Germany. With a solid foundation in the telecoms industry head hunters were soon knocking at his door. Before long he was sitting in front of three job proposals that would stem his career to new heights. He chose Cisco Systems in Dallas in 2000 which set him in good stead to fulfill his ever longing desire to become a writer. If he could bag in the necessary hours and bite his time with a good salary then it won’t be long before he was able to sponsor himself as a writer.

Leslie the author
As these things go his plan fell short of the economic decline of the telecoms market in 2001. Within a year of joining Cisco Systems he was made redundant and once more relegated to the arms of unemployment. Things where different this time for Cisco had given him a considerable package that gave him time to rethink his plan of becoming a writer. However the words did not come immediately and before long he was staring at a scanty bank account with no job prospects. It had been an arduous two years without work and no words before Leslie Musoko was again crying out for his faith to weave another magic wand to rid him off this turmoil. In the summer of 2002 he realized he had sunk to his lowest and needed all the help he could get. In this same year he saw his relationship with the girl of his dreams come to ruin and decided that he would forget engineering for a while and concentrate on writing. He had tried several times over the years to write a novel but could never get past the first two chapters. His love for fiction and a sense of adventure in the many thrillers he had read as a boy could not bring him to write. However one thing had made sense all his life and that thing had always been at the forefront of his endeavors. After receiving encouragement from his Mum, Leslie Musoko began reading the Holy Bible to understand this divine power that had been the focal point of his existence. He spent countless hours going through every page in solitude understanding his faith and relating events in his life to those of the people in the bible. Before long the voices in his head began to make sense and he realized that the words on paper were not too far behind.

Within six months he had completed the first draft of his first book Divinity Dawns. This was later released in September 2004 and then Leslie Musoko made a vow to God for the blessing he had received. He declared a sabbatical not to market or talk about his new book until after two years from its release.

In 2005 he returned to the telecoms market, revived and ready to start afresh and joined Huawei as a product manager. Within two weeks he was in China attending conferences and pushing for sales of products for this ever expanding company. 2006 saw Leslie Musoko begin his new novel Eli which was the second in the sequel of the Divinity Dawns trilogy. He took a job in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the Head of Optics for Thrupoint and used this as a springboard of inspiration to complete Eli. With the termination of his contract in late 2007 as the project drew to a close, Leslie Musoko declared his sabbatical over and focused all his attention in completing Eli. He had fulfilled his vow as promised and now he hoped it was time to enjoy the fruits of his labor and live by the means of his dream. Even with the odds against him, the prospect of no book sales and a weathering bank account Leslie completed and published his new book Eli in November 2009. Today Leslie Musoko spends most of his time between London and Gaithersburg promoting his new book and confidently believes that the last book in this trilogy is not too far from completion.