Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Loose end...

You won't find me looking. I would avert my eyes in that moment, that instant just when you gaze in my direction, that way you can't tell the truth about me.
You won't know I care either because when you say the right things, do the right things I'd stay aloof, rebuke you and even run away. Call me coward, still you won't be able to tell whether I care.
I won't come to you either. When you call, when you need me, when you push everyone away and desire only me to be by your side, I'd run far far away and stay hidden from your sight. This way you would know the truth that it is over and give up as I wish you to.
You won't believe what I have done to you, you'd question my actions over and over again and still find no answers that give you peace and in turn I'd make sure that I'm not available. I would be just out of reach, so near and yet so far that there is no chance of us ever being together in order to torture and frustrate you.
Still all is not lost for there is one thing I cannot control and that is your feelings for me. If you are true to them, believe in them and trust your heart then I would return. The truth is I won't come because you called, now would I come because you sought me. I won't come out of pity nor because others say I should. I would come because you believe in me and this is something I cannot control. Take it from me in spite of what others say be true to your heart and I would return in my own good time. Surely you haven't forgotten I am the loose end in your life. I am Love.