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Why Divinity Dawns is needed

In times of tribulation, doubt, and corruption in a modern society tasked with all available forms of drugs, violence and attributes detrimental to man’s existence, Divinity Dawns is a source for faith, peace and hope following in the footsteps of the word of the Lord. It is spiritual healing in response to illness, pity, fear, corruption and misguided loyalties.


Each day is a new beginning. Each day is different unearthing one new revelation along his path. There are two people man and spirit, but Cephas is still more man than spirit.
Pressured by life’s obstacles and a systems engineer living in London he is exposed to harrowing escapades. Yet even in the face of adversity Cephas is chosen to live by the word of God, not by his will but by a mystery that dumbfounds the wisdom of man.
The year is 2002 he has lost his job, he has lost his girlfriend, he has time on his side he has faith and visions that marvel and dumfound his existence. He chooses to use his time to examine each event in his life.
Day One, it is the hand that rocks the cradle, his birth in to the spiritual world, his first vision, he must understand death to be reborn. Day Two, a striking resemblance, how can faith be measured? Is it in the things we see? Day four the mind, a hand of God extended to a son, but is this son spirit or man, what does this vision mean. By day 71, Cephas is hearing voices and he is at the end of his tether. He is asking questions, when would it all end? When does the pain stop and victory start? How did he get there? Time eludes him as he searches through the holy bible for answers on how to cope with the voices.
The days roll by, some pleasurable others simply distress until they are countless and do not matter, failure is a thing of the past, victory a light house in the distance that he can never seem to reach. Finally it is not about the days, it is not about the man, it is about the spirit and it is about his understanding of God. It is day zero, it is Divinity Dawns the last chapter that unravels the visions and steers Cephas towards the light. It is his new beginning. He has accepted to live by the word of God solely and leave the wisdom of man in the past. Time would tell whether or not he can stay on this path.


When the joy of our existence is attributed to the works of man it is time to delve deeper into the spiritual world. No two days are the same - our existence in this life time is a school of thought for the next. The miracles of God are the same today as they have been in the past. He is a spirit, he is invisible and he is what is, what was and what would be.
Cephas is a man pressured by life’s obstacles, a systems engineer living in London and exposed to harrowing escapades. Yet even in the face of adversity he is chosen to live by the word of God, not by his will but by a mystery that dumbfounds the wisdom of man. Can one day make the difference? Faith is the evidence, patience is a virtue and suspense is the attraction.
Weaved in a vast arena with vivid scenarios from four continents he reveals an epic voyage of courage and hope in a quest for the reason behind his existence.
Cephas is the man and life is a mystery – what is the missing link….

Short description

The spirit is the consummate weapon, the strength from within and the light in all men. Cephas is a man pressured by life’s obstacles through harrowing escapades - his weapon is faith and the strength in this light. Transcending the realms of four continents he reveals an epic recount of survival through courage and hope cast into a world of intrigue and mystery….

Topical headlines that highlight the book

-Tribulation & Hope
Who knows best? I called and he answered!
-Wealth & Mystery
Open Sesame, where is my pot of gold? You are looking in the wrong place!
-Clairvoyance, Intrigue
Spirit over mind and mind over matter, is ignorance truly bliss?
-Worldly empathy
-Courage with reason
Age is just another number, here’s proof!
-Hope, Courage & Vision
The future beckons, are you listening? Spiritual Evidence!


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