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 November 30, 2010, Christian Authors Show with Show Host Danielle Hampson- Leslie Musoko Interview
November 18, 2010 WEBTV, Christian Authors Show with Show Host Danielle Hampson

October 25, 2010, Hot Radio Now Publisher Nightengale Press with Show Host Valerie Connelly Leslie Musoko Interview
October 2010, Poetic Monthly - Internet Radio with show host Martin White - Leslie Musoko Interview   April 2010, ELI Book Review/Talk, Valence Library, London UK
On February 28 we will reflect on Roman Catholic and Orthodox Traditions;on 7th of March on nonconformist and free church traditions; and on 28th of March on what we have discovered of other faith traditions. We'll be joined on that day by the author Leslie Musoko, who will speak briefly after the service about his latest book Eli, which as he explains.. Read more here
March 2010, ELI Book Talk,  Upminster Library, London UK  
Leslie Musoko news in New York, NY HW Danny Tisdale's Show at 2PM Harlem World Life style culture Books, Housing, Theater & the Arts Join us today at 2 pm for a conversation with writer Leslie Musoko regarding his controversial new book Eli, we’ll talk to councilwoman Inez Dickens regarding the Rivington homes and affordable housing, Jewel Kinch fr.. Read more here
Author Chat Leslie Musoko, author of Eli (Feb 8-21 Leslie Musoko discusses Eli on Librarything Authorchat. Read more here.    
January 2010, ELI Book Talk, Collier Row Library, London, UK  
Rhythm and Blues Summer Party Extravaganza
Our summer event will also launch the book ELI by Leslie Musoko. Walk into history and anchor your faith with a copy of ELI from Read more here
 Democratic Underground Writing from an International Perspective with authors Dale Butler, Yvette Christianse, Felicia Luna Lemus, Leslie Musoko, Judy Powell, and Marie Umeh. Read more here.     Black  Review Book Fair  Exhibitors Leslie Musoko Y71. Read more here.     2007 Harlem Book Fair - Writing from an International Perspective  Authors Dale Butler, Yvette Christianse, Felicia Luna Lemus, Leslie Musoko, Judy Powell and Marie Umeh discuss writing from an international perspective. Read more here.       July 2007, Television, Speaker/Panelist on CSPAN Booktv New York Writing from an International Perspective Harlem Book Fair New York, New York (United States) This event from the 9th Annual Harlem Book Fair was held at the Schomburg Center’s Langston Hughes Auditorium.Read more here.      March 2007, Book Signing Event, Reading in Hue-Man Bookstore & Café - 2319 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10027   December 2006,  Book Signing Event, Recognition by the Abyssinian Church  132 West 138th Street, New York, NY 10030