Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Divinity Dawns

Monday, 10 May 2010

Treasure Island - My Rock of Ages

What I feel with both hands in the air is not victory. What I feel with both hands in the air is not loss. What I feel with both hands in the air is wonder. I can’t look back because I know no answers lie there. I choose moments, places and times to come as each song reaches my core and opens a new vacuum. I am the voyager, the stranger, the wind that blows in every direction, in your direction. I am no one and I am me. I know that this feeling is strength because having been here so many times before victory was never too far off in the distance. Come dance with me, be my shadow and feel the strangeness of my land. Pause, feel it now, do you? You are walking, moving, dancing. That’s it! Run with me, fly, feel your arms, wave in the air. It’s the beat, it speeds up and then slows down. Get the rhythm, feel it in your limbs, then slowly let it reach your heart, now it’s in your mind and then it’s you! Yes it’s you, no more me I was long gone my time is over. It was a passing moment, a fleeting instant when I was me, that part in you that lighted the room.

Oh, the cavalry! How dare you interrupt my odyssey? Don’t you know what it takes to reach this place, this void, this moment? Ah, how can you? Where art thou, Oh Lord? How far art thou dear Lord? Well perhaps you are in front of me, no behind me, that’s wrong too, you are within. Yes you are eternal light, my redeemer, my messiah, my gift. You are my direction, my hope and my life. There they go, they run from us in fright, they haven’t seen us, heard us. Have we been silent, I doubt it but how does our voice surface in these times, in these extremities. Ah! There they go the lights, the streets, the cars, what they call reality, every path leading to an adjourning path that leads to another, endlessly. I’d like to follow, love to but can’t keep up, there are so many.

How can I forget Lord? It was Paris 1999 when they pulled up. Then I was in my prime another time and another place I can’t even remember what I ordered. Was it soup, I guess it was. Hand on chin, eyes facing a grey sky darkened by shadows, words of solitude, heart of warmth, fingers that cringe as they type. I have again risen from the dead to be who I was meant to be. I am Cephas, I am the truth and I am the better part of me. I am back.

‘You called and I am here, what’s the matter beloved?’ Cephas asks.

‘Felt a little low today, I needed you,’ I reply.

‘I’m here now what can I do?’

‘I am having one of those days when you need something to happen, just something to make you feel alive.’

‘You are alive. Explain.’

‘I badly need some form of comfort here, something, anything.’

‘You have forgotten then.’

‘Forgotten what?’

‘The twenty five.’ Cephas replied.

‘The twenty five?’ I ask.

‘Yes, and don’t pretend you don’t know who I mean, tell them now.’

‘Who would believe me, where do I start, I haven’t got the credentials, no name, nothing.’

‘You have me, you have him, you have the Father, that’s a good place to start.’

‘But what would they think of me.’

‘Not your call, the Father’s.’

‘Is that it?’ I ask.

‘That’s it. And please don’t call me again, by now you should know what to do,’ Cephas snaps and is gone and I am left again alone with you. Well, this is what he meant by the twenty five.

On Thursday 18th February 2010, I received this note from Canon Michael Ainsworth of St. George-in-the-East in London:

I don't know where you are based, but our congregation at St George-in-the-East (in Tower Hamlets, about a mile east of the Tower of London) is very small - usually about 25 adults - and I suspect it would not be worth your while coming here to promote your book at a Sunday service. Nor do we at present have any other suitable opportunities during the week. I think you would fare better at other churches with larger numbers!

However, if despite this, and you live locally, you wish to come and meet the congregation (who are a very mixed bunch in every way!) with copies of your book, you could perhaps say a few words over coffee after the service (which I would flag up in the sermon).

I agreed to go despite the numbers. I knew there was no chance of a book sale but I felt it was my duty to accept this invitation and share my experience.

Now it just so happens that during this period I had been reading the bible continuously as I often do, don’t ask me why, its routine, it strengthens my faith, my spirit and what I write. It just so happens that I was reading the book of Ezekiel. It just so happens that on the Sunday morning that I decided to attend this particular church to introduce my new book, Eli this is what I read:

‘Moreover the spirit lifted me up and brought me unto the east gate of the Lord’s house, which looketh eastward: and behold at the door of the gate five and twenty men; among them Jaazaniah the son of Azur, and Pelatiahthe son of Benaiah, princes of the people.’

The spiritual world is treasure waiting to be discovered if you follow your heart rather than the noises of despair around you. My visit to this church was eventually published on the internet as I later discovered in this article. I owe the Lord many things, we all do.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Eli - Apex Reviews

As Cephas continues his trek to Saudi Arabia in pursuit of his inheritance, he soon discovers that discarding his past will be a much more difficult task than he anticipated. With his personal life steeped in confusion and uncertainty, not to mention his spirit nearly broken, Cephas is forced to rely on little more than his faith to survive in an increasingly challenging world. Little does he know, though, his current trials and tribulations – no matter how formidable – are just the beginning...

Thoughtful, moving, and deeply introspective, Eli is an immensely rewarding read. Skillfully crafted by author Leslie Musoko, this second installment of a compelling new trilogy takes the reader deep into the mind and heart of a devout Christian struggling to reconcile his faith with the often hostile reality that surrounds him. Not only that, he must also contend with the internal forces threatening to cloud his judgment and distract him from the all-important spiritual quest for which he’s been pre-anointed. As deep as it all may sound, Musoko does a commendable job of framing Cephas’ physical and metaphorical journey in clear, accessible terms, fostering a profound empathy within the reader – regardless of your specific personal faith. In so doing, Eli serves as an invaluable guide for anyone who finds themselves similarly conflicted in the spirit; by following Cephas’ brave example, we will find it much easier to handle the emergent spiritual tests that unexpectedly befall our everyday paths.

Equally riveting and profound, Eli is an instant storytelling classic. Be on the lookout for more compelling works from this promising new literary talent on the rise.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Moses wrote of me

When you have come to your knees as many times as I have you begin to wonder whether anywhere else is safer than what you have found. It is hard to differentiate between standing or sitting, walking or running, shouting or just plain talking because the extremes between each of these actions become merged, as you realize that neither makes a difference since what matters most is that which you hold dear and precious to your soul. It embodies your being and it is the focal point of your every thought and deed. It is beyond a cosmic force as you know that nothing in our universe or otherwise could reduce your admiration, fear, and love for this thing. The pearl of our lives is God for once we have found him there is no where else beyond. Things come and go in our lives but he is never far from our thoughts as his divine power surpasses anything in the world. We may lie and cheat, we may steal and commit sin after sin, yet in the end we all end up asking ourselves who we answer to. There is always one power above man and that is God. Even the thief of the night says his prayers before going into action as he also hopes that he would be successful by the grace of God. One of the things puzzling most of us when we first seek God is the question of when we shall see him. These is depicted in our actions our thoughts and most of man’s life. We all use the bible to argue our case, justify our actions and make many of our decisions with the hope that a miracle would be shown to us by God to verify that our actions were righteous. We are a generation that needs to be encouraged and so we seek evidence from all sources possible that what we have done in our lives can be justified in one way or the other. It is no doubt that there is no one better than our heavenly father to show us a sign, a miracle and a gesture to make us worthy of our course. In this way we seek a vision of God hoping that this would encourage us along our spiritual path yet after many endless hours our patience never seems to be rewarded.
As our Lord has said God is a spirit and those who seek him must expect to see him spiritually. Man cannot discern a being so powerful in the primitive form that he is. We are not ready to see our God with the thoughts we possess as man, the lusts and desires that drive us day by day and with the intention that craves our minds for why we need to seek him. That is why this decision is not ours to make. It is only our heavenly father that can decide when we are ready to see him. However it is not all bad news for us because he has left us with his word and has given us the wisdom of our Lord to teach us how to see him in our primitive form, and the physical way we are used to. The bible teaches us that God is light and there is no darkness in him. In which sense all good is discernable from him, therefore he that is carrying out this action with believe in the spirit is in the image of God at the moment. He can come to us at anytime and on any occasion it simply depends on whether or not we are looking for him. He is present in nature when we admire its beauty. Even the heavy rain droplets that wash our earth away can possess the spirit of God if we look at the coolness that follows in its wake. When the earth is cooled after a rain storm it is for the reason that God wishes this to be so. When the sun rises in the morning it is his wish and we can wake up and admire this cosmic entity understanding that only one being is powerful enough to make this possible. When our dogs back excitedly to receive us at home after a tiring day at work it is because God has given them the senses and awareness to know us. This is divine and cannot be explained by man. His spirit is in every living thing and so we can see him in the physical sense when we look for the good in those things.
The proof of the spiritual world is in faith and not in physical conviction based on man’s theories. We either accept it or do not.
Today I remember a time in the past when I turned up uninvited at a friend’s house. It was a house call that had not been planned as I had been out already doing something and decided on impulse that I would make this diversion. I was lucky, he was home with his family and they were glad to see me. As usual the children were ready to entertain, always keen when a visitor turned up. I chatted with my friend for an hour and then as I decided that it was time for me to leave, his wife proposed that I stayed longer for dinner. I accepted the invitation and as we all gathered around the dining table his four year old son was told to lead us in prayer. It was one of the most amazing things I have witnessed in my life. There was nothing spectacular about a child praying or the words he said, what caught my attention was the wisdom that was depicted in a child praying. Even though he was only four he was convinced that he was praying to his heavenly father and that what he prayed for would be answered. The sincerity in his voice and the innocence in his demands was something that I knew I struggled as an adult to deliver when I said my own prayers. As far as this child was concerned he was talking to God and that was it. He talked as if he was talking to someone before him, praying earnestly for his wishes. It occurred to me that if I was in God’s position I would answer his prayers.
I listened to him finish and end his prayer humbled by what I had learned. In this child our heavenly father had revealed his strength and with all my years traveling the world seeing and experiencing so much, I never thought that I could learn something so special from a child. This child was teaching me that we are all children before God. We may be lawyers, kings, queens, presidents, business men, directors or doctors but when we went on our knees to God we had to remember that we were all just children and ask with hope that our heavenly father would answer our prayers. In the bible it is said that we should not worry about the words we say in prayer because our spirits intercede for us. This was what I was seeing first hand with this child. His words did not matter because if the sincerity in his voice was so complete then his spirit was doing all the talking. If a mortal like me could witness this then what more of a power so supreme.
I left my friend’s house that evening content. It was not the food that I received or the conversation with my friend that had made my day it was the prayer his son had made that had told me I had just witnessed a miracle of God. In the bible our Lord has said: “Watch.” This word is spoken in the context of us watching for his return and the day of our salvation. To be prepared for this day I believe we must be able to see the spiritual unfold as I did in the simplest of things.