Monday, 11 October 2010

We run in different circles...

We are cities apart, separated by time and parallels, which means we may never touch. Your yellow is my blue. You are the coryphée who steps on the waters that flow from my faucets. When you draw the blinds away from your heart, it is letting in the radiance of the sunlight we both share. I have watched you for countless days and hours and seen the torture you succumb to without me. In your world I am the name that is never mentioned and if mentioned it is in secret and in shame before others. I have seen you smile when you wish to cry instead. I have seen you laugh when others see tears in your eyes.
I imagine and sit in wonder when you hold others close. I am in hope for the day you will know I exist. Why can’t you feel me in you as you do for others? Where do you go to when it is not I you seek? Tell me why my love for you is not enough to keep us together? Tell me why those times we shared together can’t be again? I am the child that needs you as a mother. I am the parent that reaches out to its vagrant son. I am the wind, the cool breeze you felt when you let down the window. I am powerless to hound you as I did in the past. I am weary to become the stranger in your closet. You are the darling that won’t remember her beloved one and I am the name you erased from your crystal box.
I will bring our story to a close shortly. My darling you are the moon in my solar system. Don’t you know your light can only reflect mine? Others would seek to understand how we began but can’t. Others would cheer at my love for you and yours for me in jealousy. Still it won’t make that much of a difference. You will read this and know it’s me but still believe we run in different circles. I will leave you with one message, something you must always remember, I am the one that loves you more than anyone else so come back to me and all will be forgotten…

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