Friday, 13 August 2010

Stalking Caesar...

It was a cloudy evening without a single star in sight. The rains hadn’t ceased until late afternoon but the clouds still lingered showing all the signs of more to come. Even the twitching red light that flickered from the distant airplane could barely be seen as it disappeared time and again in the gray night. It had cost him close to four hundred dollars and nothing on this earth was going to deter him from his plight.
His wet palms were soiled in anticipation. It had taken him about an hour to build. The tripod was the first to go in place, a screw here and there and then he was letting down its thin plastic legs. Soon it was in place. Next it was balancing the light metal scope. This took some degree of precision as he carefully adjusted the angles and tightened the balancing unit. Before long he was looking through the lens adjuster and when he could just about spot the street light ten meters away, he turned his attention towards the skies and begun looking for the stars. At first there was nothing but he wasn’t one to give up so easily. He hadn’t come this far for nothing. And then he spotted it. God had been kind to him there was one somewhere out there in the Stygian night. It was far enough but its brilliance could not be mistaken as the clouds cleared to let him have a glimpse.
He sighted the star with the lens adjuster and then withdrew the optical lens from its case. After plugging the 22mm in place he waited and then looked.
‘They said it would take time,’ he thought, ‘but how much experience does one need with this? I’m never going to see the heavens at this rate.’ he concluded.
The angel descended slowly to his side and placed his arm around the man’s broad shoulders, ‘He is in you my son, He is not in what you see out there, He is in you.’ He whispered euphoniously.
The man shivered in the dark night,
‘Utterly useless!’ he muttered to himself. ‘What a waste of time and money and still there is nothing to see! This is ridiculous!’

A very good friend of mine told me that a while back when he first became a Christian the first thing he did was rush out to the shops to buy a telescope. He said if he could look into the heavens then there was a chance that he would see past God’s creation and hopefully into his kingdom. A few days ago he told me about giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

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