Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Reverie: The Day I met Thursday and Friday

The club was steamy as smoke rose from the cigarettes of the many sailors and the hostesses that entertained them. It was a sixties environment and for the life of me I could not understand what I was doing there. I listened to the sound of old songs bellow from the gramophone and knew I had landed myself into an old war movie. I sat in the corner observing the scenery in wonder and then I saw them approach me. They looked like brothers only one was much taller than the other. They sat down without asking for an invitation and began talking to me as though we had known each other for many years. The shorter of the two did all the talking making claims of his escapades and boasting about his charm. His claims were backed up by the way the girls immediately swamped around our table and gave him all their attention. I saw him rise up with one of them almost lifting her off her feet as he guided her to the crowded dance floor. His taller companion remained seated and quiet watching his friend dance with the lady eventually he too was approached by another girl who appeared to be shy and they joined the others on the dance floor. I watched in fascination as the two couples in very different styles let themselves unwind to the music. How I had come to be in this place was a mystery but what was obvious was that I was there for a purpose.
    They eventually returned to the table and continued talking in the same way as before. I couldn’t hear the words clearly but from what I could see the short one was assertive of his position and gave the impression that he was in charge of all around him while the tall one was quiet with a resolute determination only depicted by his silence and the peculiar look in his eyes. I sat there mystified believing that anytime soon some one somewhere would eventually interrupt my dream and shake me back into reality.
    As time would have it I was roused up from sleep as the morning noise filtered through my windows and realized that I had been fully engrossed in a dream world that had sent me back in time to the sixties. The interesting thing about this dream was that it was vivid and I felt that it had a message from the Lord hidden beneath the surface. My first thought was to remember what I had asked of the Lord. Yes!  I remembered my prayer had been for him to shed light on the direction of my life. I had wished for a sign, anything to give me hope that the path I was dreading wasn’t covered in doubt and fear. I was afraid that my decisions in life had been plagued by guilt and the sole purpose of building prosperity. For the first time in a long while I was taking a step back and denying myself my ambitions holding firm to the virtues of faith and relying on the Lord to carry me to my destination. I had isolated myself from everything and everyone feeding solely on revelations in my life yet weakness had crept in and again I delved in self pity hoping after time that the Lord would show me a sign that I was on the right track. I couldn’t remember when I had last had a revelation and hoped for one with every ounce of my being. It looked as though in response to my prayer this was what I had to go by. This dream was all I had and it was up to me to figure out what it meant.
      I prayed to the Lord to shed light on this dream as I knew it was a gift from him in response to my wishes. It was Wednesday and the week was still young yet with my state of mind I wondered with apprehension if I would make it to the end of the week without loosing my mind. I knew Saturday would be okay and I felt this because the weekend had a way of taking care of itself, but who could tell about Thursday and Friday? I was only in Wednesday and there were two more days to get through before the weekend. It looked as though in my ply to avoid incessant badgering for success I was now sinking into a state of desolation. I needed a way out of this maze and I hoped that the Lord would guide me through it.
       I lay in bed wondering how these two sailors could be of any importance in my life.  Eventually it dawned on me that the sailors where two days of my life. The short sailor was Thursday for I expected to be rash, assertive and abrupt in all my decisions on that day because that is what the dream had foretold. However Friday would be a long day and the night would seem very far off. It would be harder and colder in its approach but in the end I would find it to be the better of both days.
      It is hard for me to tell you that these is how these days turned out to be not by my own doing but by the grace of the Lord. The spiritual world is so mysterious that its mysteries can only be lived to be seen. I write with the hope that through my words when you make your own discoveries in the spiritual world and jubilate at your experience it can bring back memories from my story that would make you believe and strengthen your faith in the Lord. On this occasion I told my mum about what I had dreamt and my interpretation of the dream as I knew she understood the spiritual world and knew I was level headed enough not to let my imagination get the better of me. Things turned out as I had dreamt for on Thursday I found that not to my doing my friends called me. Friends I hadn’t heard from in weeks called seeking my advice. Time flew by as we talked about times past and before I knew it I was having dinner and on my way to bed. In a way I lived through Thursday without knowing what had happened. It had been short, abrupt and I had been assertive and boastful in a way as I talked to friends about my own experiences in life. When Friday came I was in recovery mode from a hectic Thursday and found it slow and cold to start with. The day was long and I wondered with hope what the night would bring. However it ended with me going out to the pictures and this is how I managed to survive through to the weekend.


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