Friday, 23 April 2010

Making your dream reality

Believing that we are all called upon this earth to do something is one thing, however putting it into practice requires a level of commitment that very few of us are willing to put in.
As a child I read all the books I could get my hands on. I did not care about the subject or what it was about I just read. Mine was a hunger that needed to be fed and escape from my environment into another, time and again was much needed respite. Soon I was contemplating my dream. ‘If only’, was always a good place to start. I identified my weakness. I needed experience, I needed to understand the world I lived in. If only I could travel, if only I had been to the places I wished to write about, if only I had time to dedicate to my dream then nothing would stop me. I traveled, I gained experience, I learned a thing or two about the world, time was afforded me, I decided to write.
Finding the story had never been the hard part for me as an author. It was always the fear of not succeeding in anything I endeavored to do. I demanded the best of myself whether it was in engineering, sales or management. Naturally it made sense that the fear of not succeeding as an author would spur me on. I expected and demanded more of myself. I had been to places, I had read numerous books. I took pride in my imagination and my gift of creativity as it had shone through my telecoms career. This meant writing about what I knew, what was at the core of my existence and what had carried me through all those years of traveling in my life. I turned to my faith. However faith is not about just what you know or your experience or where you’ve been. Primarily faith is about God and where you are going to end up! Perhaps we all think that we all have a small say in this. Do further research you’ll find that you agree with me!
By reading many books of different genre I had discovered that each author had their own identities. Some books were stronger in society than others for their time, their environment and the purpose they served. It wasn’t enough that I was creative and had a story to tell. I had to contemplate the time and the message I wished to get across to my readers. I had to qualify my dream if I wanted it to be a success! Talent or a gift does not serve the purpose it’s for on its own. It has to be channeled and directed to fulfill its existence. I was lucky here! God came through for me as he had done in the past. Qualifying my dream is in the response of the readers of my books. I have received handshakes, told by others that my book changed their lives. There has been some negative criticism but if looked into thoroughly, I expected it to come from those sources from the moment I typed the first words.

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