Wednesday, 25 July 2012



Purer is the wind that bloweth the trumpet
Lighter is the step that trampleth the waters
Greater is the man that standeth before thee
Sadness is the song that playeth in his heart

My house of mourning cometh before the morning star
Bravo! They haileth from the hills afar off; Purpose serveth reason
For without purpose why doth angels be
If gifts be given men what doth then angels

Cry ye not then my beloveth; Faint not in thy travail
In battle some men falleth as others riseth
A wondering cub searcheth the earth for its mother
A man’s heart deceiveth for pleasure

Where art thou crieth vain mumblings
Time slippeth away like the faint shadow of darkness
I am for thee saith my purpose; If thou be an angel then don’t ask why
Thy purpose is reason why tribulation befalleth thee

Greater is you than the desires of mine heart
Thank you father for my light that shineth today
For I serve the Amen and nothing else

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