Friday, 17 December 2010

Alpha Omega Sword...

When the darkness surrounds your heart engulfing pieces of it and purging lava that burns the blood through your veins, the world shrinks before your eyes and the distant coastline becomes a walk to the bathtub. No one hears or sees you. No one can tell or relate to you. You ponder through countless thought for better or for worse yearning for change one way or another. Doing the right thing isn’t enough. Doing the wrong thing never brings fulfillment. You hurt, spill blood and naturally drain out. As sound fades away in this tunnel, you are left with nothing but for the chimes of your heart as it beats slowly.

In this basement you are locked away forgotten and covered in dust. Once upon a time you were la crème de la crème, the rare wine bought at a good price but priceless itself and tucked away for that special occasion. You waited each day to be pulled out of your ranks and drunk with desire, wonder and need. Nowadays you rarely see the light that creeps in through the alarmingly small window of the basement. All you can do is listen to the footsteps pounding the floorboards and hope that they twirl in your direction.

And then you feel it, an awe that consigns the blistering stars and galaxies above into a mere shadow in comparison. At the brink of this beautiful garden is an everlasting truth that sparkles a wonder. What separates you from yonder is a flaming two-edged sword bathing in the luminance of this brilliance. It is a weapon to strike at the heart of the darkness that lurks from within. It is a weapon to cure the illness that drowses the dense hours that fill each day. Make it your soul and partner. Make it words of truth and faith from your mouth. Make it peace and warmth. Make it patience as you sharpen its tilt each day. Pick it up when ready to cross this threshold and never look back as it lashes the wind and rips oceans apart. Make it a keepsake, for the alpha omega sword is a separation between the past and what lies before thee. Freedom is yours to weave at the edge of your sword. Welcome to the New Jerusalem you are reborn...

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