Monday, 25 February 2013

Now will I sing...

The thoughts of a man leadeth him to sorrow or to joy. The thoughts of a man are binding or releasing. The thoughts of a man deceive or bare truth, they are gain or loss.

The heart of a man leads him to his desires, it is the barometer that measures his aches or joys. The heart of a man can do one thing for him, tell him truly how he feels.

The spirit of a man is his one truth because when all is said and done, when loss or gain is surpassed and love or hate overcomes, it is all that is left in the end.

Your heart will show you your desires, your thoughts will bring forth these desires whether good or bad but in the end none of these would matter unless your spirit is in all of this.

Hmmnh... Now will I sing know the spirit of the man and you would know what he seeks and desires...

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