Friday, 1 June 2012

Pictures of a blind man

Often taken to entertain the premise of what he sees. If they come out right he rushes to show others, if they don’t he hides them from the universe. Is there a purpose behind this ploy? I have known the world he says, been in it, dealt in it, wept in it and shed blood in it and I can tell you that this is what it desires of me. I have known another says he that isn’t blind within him, that world you have worked so hard for would reject you one of these days old fellow. Rubbish! Says the blind man, how can what I feel, touch, smell and breath, reject me, it is just what it is, I know my world just too well. Ah! Says he that isn’t blind within him, if you know your world so well how come you do not know of me and I am in it?